Enabling Small Businesses

We provide technical solutions to enable small businesses. We offer the talent of a full service agency at a fraction of the cost. Our services range from simple website development to highly complex data and analytic integrations.

> Consulting

  • - Product Innovation

  • - Product Management

  • - Training

  • - Software Development

> Website Design & Social Marketing

  • - Understand your business and pick the right website functionality and design for big browser, mobile, and tablet.

  • - Secure the URL, set up hosting, and any URL redirects.

  • - Procure professional images for your website.

  • - Design logos, postcards, banners, business cards.

  • - Ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and enhancements.

  • - We will create a Linkedin Page, Facebook page, Google+, Yelp, and any other social networks that make sense for your business.

  • - Consult and teach how to use social marketing to drive traffic to your website and increase your network and sales.

> Search Engine Optimization

  • - Site tagging with relevant keywords.

  • - Submit your site to key search engines (Yahoo, Google, Bing) for improved searching.

  • - Make recommendations on URL redirects and linking strategies to drive traffic to your site.

> Business Architecture

  • - Simple and Complex Project Planning

  • - Technical Requirements Documentation

  • - Information Architecture Design (Wireframes)

  • - Functional Specifications

  • - Testing and Issue Management

> Analytics

  • - Basic site reporting via Google Analytics.

  • - Dashboards

  • - Regularly scheduled custom reports.

  • - Recommendations on your digital marketing strategies using analytic insights to drive effective changes.

> API Services

  • - We are experts at API integrations.

  • - If you are ready to automate some of your data transactions via API, we can help.

  • - Files can be delivered on a scheduled basis to FTP or via email.

> Data Management

  • - We can help you get out of manual workflow processes.

  • - Simple workflow problems can often be solved with off the shelf solutions.

  • - We can also create custom databases and data integration solutions where an off the shelf solution doesn't exist.


P3rsuit is a very small agency which means you'll be working directly with our core talent on your project.


We promise to respond within 24 hours. Small projects can usually be completed within 2-4 weeks.


We take every request and make time for every client, all the time.

Featured Project

We are very proud of our featured project which was a complete website redesign for a very successful local architect. This project was a big challenge as we needed to migrate over nearly 40 existing portfolio projects with up to 15 images per project. We redefined and simplified the portfolio categories, streamlined the content, and generally gave her a website that is more modern and beautiful. The project was a great deal of fun and the client was wonderful to work with.

Ekocite Architecture

We selected a content management platform site for our client, we migrated over all her existing content into the new site, we had a new header designed by our partner WorkingGorilla. We set up a functional contact us, and helped craft the language to be used in various parts of the site. We worked with our client to draft her slogan “Spirited Architectural Design”. Once the site was live, we did a full email migration for her to bring over the businesses entire email history into our new web based email. We also were able to synch all her home, mobile, and tablet devices with her new web based contact us email.

  • SuiteCX

  • Maple Creek Farm

  • Carpenter Management

  • Ekocite Architecture

  • Experience Marketing

  • Working Gorilla

  • Clairvoyance AIS

  • Fischer Search Group

Who we are

We are a team of two who have been working together on data and digital solutions in and around Detroit since 2009 and separately in our own spheres since the 90’s. We leave a trail of happy clients behind us. We offer the technical intelligence and savvy of a large digital agency at a price that is appealing to small business owners who need to develop a web presence for the first time, upgrade an existing presence, create an analytics solution, or solve a data management problem.

We still have our high tech corporate jobs, but love to help friends and local clients on the side. We'd like to grow our "hobby" into a larger client base and the sky's the limit, so here we are.



Business Services

  • Has 15+ years experience in technical solutions at the largest global digital agencies in the world supporting executive level clients.

  • Specializes in digital and data integration projects from conception to completion.

  • Is PMP certified and knows how to deliver projects within budget and on time.

Has spent the past 15+ years @:

J. Walter Thompson, Digitas, R Works, Kaleidoscope Digital, & MRM // McCann.


Technical Services

  • Has 20+ years experience in development technology and business solutions.

  • Is a developer who is expert in SQL, .Net, flexible database architecture & API integrations.

  • Is also expert in simple site design, Omniture, Google Analytics, & search engine optimization.

Has spent the past 20+ years @:

Sandler & Travis, R Works, Kaleidoscope Digital, & MRM // McCann.


Before you choose us to take on your project you will probably want to know a bit more about us, so meet our clients:

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